Kruger National Park – Dec 2015 & Jan 2016



The serious countdown has finally begun, only 10 more sunsets before leaving for Kruger. :-)

Only sad thing is, mommy (aka Corné) can only join us on the 19th of December due to work commitments, but we are really thankful that her leave was approved!


Late Afternoon, and the boys and I have arrived safely at Protea Hotel Kruger Gate, what a lovely place! The boys are super excited, and starving, we enjoy a lovely buffet dinner and made straight for bed. A lovely breakfast awaited us, we gathered our bag or two and excitedly made our way to Kruger, unfortunately I couldn’t find my cellphone charger, and forgot the fan for our primitive tent at home, so must first shop prior to the Kruger adventure may start in full swing.

Bought the items and entered the park, the excitement is tangible.


Driving up to Satara from Skukuza, we managed to see a leopard running away from us. :-( Michael, David and Shaun surprised us with a totally unexpected visit and we spent the whole afternoon together, the boys loved the company of other boys and the big boys enjoyed the company of each other, Awesome memories are made as we track down a mating pair of fairly uncommon vultures in the region. what a special sighting. Serious heat forces us to swim late afternoon.


This Sabbath day will go down as the hottest day i have ever experienced i Kruger, 47 degrees Celsius, this comes with a host of other issues not even considered. stay in the car at all times, drive at all times, have air-con on full blast at all times, the only one i struggle with though…….. heatwaves blur the pictures to such an extent that it is actually to warm to take in-focus and clear pictures.

Come bedtime, it was uncomfortably warm and humid, really struggled through the night. At 2 am Scott felt physically sick, my recommendation, take a cold shower clothes and all and come lie down on your bed under the fan!